Example Configuration & Output

Example ledger configuration files are provided here. These use the Chinook sample database. Here's an SQLite version.


  • chinook.conf - Main configuration file used by the sldg tool. This properties file (you can name it whatever), specifies 2 SQL queries, one defining the composition of a row for a given row number, the other, defining how many rows there are. It also specifies the location of 3 tables for tracking the row hashes (less than a 100 bytes overhead per row).
  • meta/chinook_info.json - Optional ledger info file. This describes the ledger, its name, its column names, column value types, column descriptions, etc. If present (and well formed), then sldg can embed it in the morsel files it generates. The location of this file can be set relatively to absolutely. Here, the chinook.conf file references it relatively.
  • meta/report/queryTotal.json - Optional report template. This is a toy example of the template (lifted from unit tests), illustrating some of the DSL's capabilities (see next). Note this uses the image asset report/images/example_icon.png.
  • chinook-800-830-r.mrsl - Morsel file generated by the sldg using the configuration above.
  • report.pdf - Toy report generated by the mrsl tool from the above morsel file.

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