Project Milestones

Crums has been quietly brewing for a few years now. Here's a brief list of milestones.

12-25-2019 merkle-tree ver 0.0.1
Existing Merkle-tree libraries didn't match the needs of this project. This library exposes the data structure more directly (you can walk an abstract tree of n leaves containing undefined hashes, for e.g.) and packages Merkle-proofs in a way so that higher level semantics (such as crumtrails) can easily be woven into its proofs.
01-01-2020 project inception
The initial commit of the current crums-pub repo was created on a private github repo on this date. There were other prototypes; this one survived.
01-18-2020 domain registered
Ah.. the b was taken. But okay, like any crumb, it has parts missing.
02-18-2020 1st working REST service
The data model was a bloated version of the current one. It included a cryptographic signature that could be validated against the service's public key. The signature figured in the computation of the witnessed hash. Many engineering problems related to scaling were kicked down the road.
06-29-2020 begin work on 2nd version
Began work on scaling the service. This also provided an opportunity to revisit the data model. In particular, the signature was dropped altogether.
09-18-2020 2nd version deployed
Old data was dropped and a more scalable version was deployed to production.
10-19-2020 skip ledgers and morsels inception
The idea and the data structures were described in broad brushstrokes in a document.
12--2020 TimeChain, LLC is organized as a Colorado company.
02-13-2021 crums-pub ver 0.0.1
First public release. Includes tools and libraries to call the REST service and store crumtrails in client-side repos.
02-16-2021 skipledger ver 0.0.1
The data structure is fleshed out in actual code. Hey, it works!
03-28-2021 first review:
Jackson Kelley was kind to include in his newsletter. It usually features projects with a bigger following, so I was quite flattered to be interviewed by him: Console > 46
04-25-2021 skipledger ver 0.0.2 released
First release of skipledger. The .mrsl file format is prototyped, and morsel mechanics are introduced.
10-29-2021 skipledger ver 0.0.3
skipledger adapted to relational databases. Source rows and columns modeled in a flexible way suitable both for SQL and arbitrary data. Introduced salting to better protect table cell secrets. Modeling source rows, in turn, allowed morsel files to automatically validate source rows against their hashes (previously, the hashing grammar was not nailed down, so we couldn't do this.)
12-13-2021 skipledger ver 0.0.4
JSON representation of morsel data. Exposes type information about column values, as well as providing programmatic access from other environments than Java. Support for customized meta-info for morsels which helps with usability. Column titles/headings, for example. Added mrsl submerge command for creating redacted versions of an existing morsel (.mrsl) file.

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